Welcome to Costasana Health

The Costasana Method is based on proprietary technologies which provide for an optimal combination of diagnosis and non-invasive treatment. An exclusive method designed to establish each patient with his / her own cellular balance and physical harmony.

Costasana’s alternative medicine treatments rely on state-of-the art technology and science. The applied techniques and instruments allow to visualize in real time the diagnosis, and subsequently, the progressive result of the treatment. Thereby, alternative treatments, such as Acupuncture, Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Ayurveda or Phytotherapy become much more effective.

Our diagnosic methods (Plasmaprint® and DFX®) and therapies (ATM®) have been developed by renowned German scientist and biophysicist Dr. Ludwig Knapp and applied, as well as continuously enhanced for 30 years at the medical practices of MD Dr. Juliane Knapp. Key aspects of the method’s efficiency have been successfully tested by the University Clinic of Heidelberg.

Drs Knapp have a proven track record of over 20’000 treated patients at their former medical practices in Germany. Today, they are present at the Costasana Clinic and are instrumental in supervising its quality of treatments.